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Welcome to The Round House Press and The Book of Andrew: A Past-Life Memoir, Witness of a Gay Apostle. We are proud and grateful to 

be issuing one of the most influential books of recent times, and certainly the most timely.  Clearly this book's revolutionary message would have been hidden from us by the orthodoxy if found in dusty clay jars, had the truth not been unearthed, instead, from within the memory of a reincarnated Apostle. Astonishing. And true.


Patricia G. Horan

Editor and Publisher, The Round House Press


These are the words of the rediscovered Jesus, in one of The Book of Andrew's most powerfully revealing paragraphs:


“‘I tell you this day, Andrew, that you must be born again. You will live many lives, until you have learned all the lessons you must master. You will live both as man and woman. In some lives you will love only women; in other lives, only men, and in others both women and men.


"This is true for all mortals, even your brother, Simon….In truth, those we call mortals are immortal, from everlasting to everlasting. The body in which you dwell today is but the merest shadow of your eternal soul. Seeing that in different lives the same soul may love a man or a woman, what can it matter in the eyes of God whether you love a man or woman in this life, if only you love in God’s name?’


“When he said this, my heart was filled with gladness that never left me thereafter, for I knew that it was right that I should love Philip.”


(Excerpt from Chapter 3, The Book Of Andrew)


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